If you have never been on the show YOU MUST AUDITION FIRST!

If you have passed our audition process and wish to join us for a show please email us at with the following information.

Name, phone number and email address along with your song choices (Use the handy song list link below) and which date and time you’d like to be on the show.

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our show!

Handy Song List music-notes

Please note that as a performer you do not have to purchase a ticket for yourself. If you are a minor, one parent must accompany you and we will provide a ticket for them. ALL GUESTS MUST PURCHASE A TICKET . 

It’s how we pay the rent.


Get the “Country, Live! at the MERC” high resolution LOGO and plaster that thing everywhere you can.

Inviting your friends, family, and neighbors is way more fun for you and keeps the show going by having the seats filled, you’re a big part of that success!

We welcome picture takers and film makers. Just be sure to ask permission from anyone you don’t know, but for heaven’s sake steer clear of any double chins or spare tires will ya? Of course, we think PhotoShop is an excellent tool, and if you so happen to use it, why we’d be just tickled to see a little ole’ picture of our very own selves right there on the world wide web for God and the world to see us lookin’ ever so splendid. Why, yes we would!

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